Writing Services for Businesses

Case Study Writing- Earn the trust of your prospective customers with a compelling case study. Case studies can increase your credibility, lead generation, and most importantly, sales

Content Writing- Looking to spice up your website? Let me help you revamp your content to your target audience

Editing/ Proofreading- Never let a simple error cost you! A second set of eyes can help your business produce quality content for your buyers

Copywriting- Drive more traffic to your website with copy that attracts and converts passive leads into active buyers with Search Engine Optimization

Request for Proposal Writing B2B Sales- Who has time for an RFP? Let alone multiple! Save yourself some time and let me help you improve your company’s positioning to win your next big bid

Article & Blog Writing- Increase your site traffic with articles and blog posts that keep your audience interested and engaged


Writing Services for Individuals

Resume Writing/ Editing- Have an interview coming up? Let me help you spruce up your resume to your prospective employer.

Cover Letter Writing/ Editing- Cover letters can be exhausting. Especially when your job hunt seems to be never ending. Outsource this burden to me. I will consult with you to learn your skill set, and help you apply your skills to the job requirements in writing to help you land the gig

Sales Brag Book Writing/Editing- In the sales world, nothing is more important than previous sales accomplishments. I can help you compile your greatest successes into a persuasively written brag book to tout at your next big interview

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